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Payment Forms Accepted

We prefer that you pay via U.S. Money Order, Cashiers check, or with a card.  Card payments will incur a 4% charge Payments can be made by calling pool kits 888-917-8817.

Sales Tax

Sales tax will be added to all orders shipping to an Arkansas address.

Terms of Use Privacy Policy

Our email mailing list and postal mailing list remain the exclusive property of PoolKits.com.  We do not sell or rent our mailing lists to anyone.   We do not divulge any customer demographic information to any other entity for any other particular use other than providing information that was specifically requested by you.  Our customer lists are used exclusively by us to send out newsletters, brochures, catalogs and announcements via both email and postal mail. 

Some Legal Stuff

It has been our expressed desire to provide information within this web site for the general education of the public on pools, pool installation, and equipment. All the material contained herein is solely intended for that purpose (as is stated within the US Copyright Law). Although much of the written information, photos and graphics are original works that are copyrighted by PoolKits.com, there may be some photos, graphics and written information contained herein that have been gathered from other sources (pamphlets, books, magazines, etc.). All efforts have been made to credit the source of these additional materials whenever possible.

While most sources enjoy having their material included in our web site, it is not our intention to infringe on any existing copyrights on any of the material contained in or on PoolKits.com website, if it is against the wishes of the source. Notice is hereby made public, that we will remove any copyrighted item (photo, graphic or written material) at the request of the lawful copyright owner, if said owner sends us a written request to do so. Copyright holders can send any requests to: PoolKits.com at 312 Hickory Hills Dr. Austin, AR. 72007. Upon confirmation of the ownership of the copyright, we will remove the requested item within 30 days.

This entire web site is Copyright 1998-2022 by Southern Elite Distribution, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this electronic publication may be reproduced, electronically or otherwise, nor distributed in any manner without the prior expressed written consent. Any Copyright infringement will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Should you have any further questions about our policies feel free to contact us:



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